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Quality Staffing Services

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Offshore Staffing

Discover exciting job opportunities on oil rigs, boats and other offshore vessels through our specialized platform. We connect aspiring individuals with reputable oil rig companies, offering comprehensive resources and guidance to help you secure rewarding positions in this dynamic industry.

Cruise Ship Staffing

Embark on an extraordinary career at sea with our cruise ship staffing services. Our platform connects passionate individuals with leading cruise lines, providing invaluable resources and support to help you secure rewarding jobs in the vibrant world of hospitality and maritime exploration.

At Quality Staffing Services, we specialize in connecting job seekers with exciting opportunities in the thriving oil field industry while offering employers efficient and reliable staffing solutions. We are proud to announce that we are expanding our services to include the cruise line industry, opening up new avenues for job seekers to embark on rewarding careers in maritime exploration.
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The Process

Our staffing agency follows a simple three-step process to ensure a smooth experience for new prospects applying for staffing opportunities:
01. Application Submission:

Contact us through our website or directly and our team will provide you with an application form to fill out. This form will capture essential information about your skills, experience, and job preferences. Additionally, we will guide you on the required documentation.

02. Required Documentation:

Along with the application form, we request that you provide a recent criminal record, as well as two pieces of identification. One of the identification pieces should be a valid passport with at least 12 months remaining before its expiry date.

03. Medical Evaluation:

Once your application is reviewed and selected, we will proceed with a medical evaluation. This evaluation is conducted to assess your physical fitness and overall health, ensuring you are fit to work in the designated industry. The evaluation process helps us prioritize your well-being and guarantees a safe work environment for all involved.

Why Use Quality Staffing Services?

Industry Connections

Our staff can leverage these connections to provide you with exclusive job opportunities that may not be publicly advertised, giving you a competitive edge in securing your dream job.

Specialized Expertise

We understand the industry's dynamics, job expectations, and can provide tailored guidance and support to increase your chances of landing a job in these specialized fields.

Streamlined Process

Partnering with a staffing agency streamlines your job search by eliminating the need to navigate complex application processes and multiple job boards.

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